My name is Aaron Prentice. I have been in the catering industry for the past twelve years, working in a variety of settings including The Abode in Canterbury and Mrs Jones' Kitchen, where I stood as Head Chef and Head Baker. This role involved a LOT of baking, some of which became famous around Canterbury (such as the popular Jiffy Slice). All the food was freshly cooked on the premises and we received a five-star food hygiene rating whilst the kitchen was under my care. 

Food is my passion! I love the art of food and experimenting with flavours and colours. I can bake all day and still enjoy cooking for my wife and children in the evening. In 2015, equipped with a plethora of skills and experience from my time working in such high-quality restaurants and eateries, I made the decision to take a risk and go it alone, and with the full support of my wife, Beardy Baker was born. Working from my home, I thrive on being in my family environment, with my three young children and another due in July, seeing my work and learning from what I do. So here I am, loving life and baking cakes for you to enjoy!

Our Story

The Chocolate Nemesis (speciality cake) is where it all started. I was Head Chef at The Parrot, a pub in Canterbury, when a girl from my church needed a part-time job whilst she was studying. I took her on as my kitchen porter and she was the best and most attractive washer-upper I’d ever come across!! She tells me that it was whilst I was making the sumptuous chocolatey delight that she saw my potential as husband material! We started dating and within seven months we were married! That’s the power of Beardy Baker cakes! It was whilst my wife was pregnant with our daughter that I became Head Chef at Mrs Jones’ Kitchen and became more focussed on baking. I think my experience at The Abode in Canterbury instilled in me a precision with my work that comes across in my authentic home-made bakes.